Transaction History
Estate Name

Taikoo Shing (808 Transactions) South Horizons (499 Transactions) Kornhill (386 Transactions) Heng Fa Chuen (378 Transactions)
Chi Fu Fa Yuen (274 Transactions) Island Resort (220 Transactions) Residence Bel-Air (219 Transactions) Grand Promenade (211 Transactions)
Nan Fung Sun Chuen (183 Transactions) Lei King Wan (172 Transactions) The Avenue (159 Transactions) The Belcher's (155 Transactions) More..
Lohas Park (1006Transactions) Lohas Park (1006Transactions) Lohas Park (1006Transactions) Lohas Park (1006Transactions)
Mei Foo Sun Chuen (985Transactions) The Long Beach (826Transactions) Metro City (678Transactions) Whampoa Garden (627Transactions)
Laguna City (531Transactions) Amoy Gardens (526Transactions) Park Central (454Transactions) Ocean Shores (439Transactions) More..
Kingswood Villas (1688 Transactions) City One Shatin (1067 Transactions) Discovery Bay (869 Transactions) The Reach (767 Transactions)
Park Island (630 Transactions) Tsuen Wan Centre (588 Transactions) Caribbean Coast (577 Transactions) Festival City (526 Transactions)
Sunshine City (448 Transactions) Riviera Gardens (428 Transactions) Tai Po Centre (380 Transactions) Tai Hing Gardens (379 Transactions) More..
It is shown reocrd for the 3 years transactions only